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Leading a Christ-Filled Life

God calls us daily to grow in our relationship with Him. As we deepen our experience with Him, He gives us insights into the wonderful riches of abundant life.

Deeper Roots

How deep are your roots in your relationship with God?  These deeper roots into the depth of His love for us help us to mature in our walk with Him. Deeper Roots classes are offered to help us grow as Christians and to give us an opportunity to know Him even better while giving us the opportunity for wonderful fellowship.

As Christians, we understand and believe that the Word of God is the ultimate source of truth; God’s truth.  Unchanging, inspired, and a constant source of guidance through our days and our entire lives. God does not force-feed scripture into us.   He gives it to us in a form that needs to be chosen; choose to gain knowledge of what He has to share with us.

We can learn through private times of scripture study, in church as we hear our Pastor preach directly from the Word, through group studies such as D-Life or community Bible study – or in other classes based on the Word.  These are just opportunities until they are chosen;  then they become a source of growth for us.

In general, we offer sessions in the Fall (Sept-Nov). Classes are offered in Winter/Spring (Jan-Apr). Other classes, such as, D-Life for Women, D-Life for Men, and Grief Share are offered year-round.                               

Please know that you are invited to be a part of any of these Bible studies.  We all need each other to broaden our thinking and inspire us to ask questions.  May God richly bless our lives as we seek to grow together and to know Him better.

Contact the Church Office (334) 745-4608 or contact Gayle Smith, Discipleship Director.

Come grow with us!

For more information contact Gayle Smite at