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Celebrate Recovery


6:30PM in Room N109


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"The youth ministry loves each one of us with the love of Christ, and that is so evident and an incredible blessing. It is part of what makes Lakeview so unique."

Lauren KrugFormer Youth

"My son has grown so much in his faith while he was in the youth group! The discipleship groups on Wednesday nights have really made him dig deeper and ask questions allowing us to have great conversations!"

NIkki AdamsYouth Parent

"The youth group has impacted my life so much already. All the kids are very Christ-centered, and have tons of fun along the way to a greater future."

Trammell Shell7th Grade

"Aaron and Joanna are always willing to patiently answer my questions to the best of their ability. I appreciate that Aaron, Whitlee, Joanna, and Chris make an effort to support our Lakeview Youth in the community."

Anna Louise Wages11th Grade